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The QuickBooks Guys On-Site Packages & Rates

The QuickBooks Guys are more than just QuickBooks Experts-we are also small business experts and understand things such as cash flow, inventory, budgets, payroll, processes, employees, independent contractors, excel worksheets and nearly every other aspect of most businesses.  We are the right people to help you!

Most appointments are only a few hours-we can cover your needs very quickly and efficiently for you!!!



On-Site Hourly Rate At Your Business           $65.00/HR (2 Hr Minimum)

Our on-site rate can be used for all services including items listed in packages below.  There is a minimum of 2 Hours of course and  travel time is not billed.  We don't waste time and will make sure the time is well spent.  Whether you have us do a quick review of your books or a complete re-vamping & overhaul to provide better reporting of your departments, locations & services-we're here to help!

Initial Business Setup Package                       $300.00  

(Perfect For New Businesses)

-Software Installation & Setup
-Company File Setup
-Chart Of Accounts Setup
-Set Correct Preferences & Time Saving Tools
-Set Initial Balances/Reconcile Accounts
-Customizing Invoicing, Estimating, Etc.
-Setup 1099 Subcontractors & Forms
-Setup Employees, Payroll & Payroll Taxes*
-Setup Forms Email & All Docs
-Enter Sales Items & Mapping To Accounts
-Setting Up All Tax Accounts
-EXTREME QuickBooks Training
  (Maximum of 5 hours & 1 session)

Business Clean Up Package                            $300.00  

(Perfect For Prior To Meeting With Your Accountant)

-Review Software Program/Version
-Review Chart Of Accounts (Clean Up)-Complete Reconciliations On All Accounts
-Review P&L Statements/Accounts (Clean-Up)
-Setup Email Invoicing Features
-Review All Preferences & Time Saving Tools
-Reconcilation Training
-Review Payroll & W-2 Employees
-Review 1099 Subcontractor Forms, Setup
-EXTREME QuickBooks Training
-Any QuickBooks Needs
-Overall Business Analysis & Review!!!
  (Maximum of 5 hours & 1 session)

On-Site Training                                                $65.00/HR  (2 Hr Minimum)

During training we can help you with the following things or anything you need training on.

*    QB-Installation, Setup & Company File Setup (Including Proper Preferences)
*    QB-Chart Of Account Setup & Accounting Setup Information
*    Guided Tutorial Of All Areas Of QuickBooks
*    Creating Custom Templates / Custom Reports / Emailing Within QuickBooks
*    General Accounting Principles & Ideas
*    How To Reconcile, Link With Banks, Etc.
*    QB Advice Based On YOUR Business & Best Way To Set It Up For YOU!
     *   One Location Vs. Multiple Locations
     *   Using Classes/Jobs To Break Down Profit/Loss By Jobs, Locations, Rentals, Etc.
     *   Using Assemblies In Your Business
*    General Business Advice (We've Ran Numerous Businesses And Understand Buisness)
     *    Marketing Strategies (Social Media & Branding Your Business)
     *    Cash Flow Planning (It's Critical)
     *    Protecting Your Business (Security, Employee Forms, Theft Prevention/Fraud, Etc.)
     *    Workers Compensation, Unemployment, Sales Tax, Withholding Tax-EXPLANATIONS!

Anything Else BUSINESS You Want To Discuss-We Are BUSINESS EXPERTS-Not Just         QUICKBOOKS EXPERTS and love providing you with help/direction.  All of our consultants are degreed and have real world business experience.